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Kanavu Startup Village (KSV) stands as a dynamic hub for entrepreneurship and innovation, where the seeds of ideas and aspirations take root and flourish. This not only fosters startups but also turns dreams into concrete realities. At its core, KSV is committed to bridging the rural tech gap, offering engineers in rural areas valuable opportunities to explore, create, and innovate. In the world of entrepreneurship, starting is often the most challenging step. At KSV, you’ll find a community of kindred spirits and with their support and guidance, you’ll gain access to the necessary resources and the encouragement you need to turn your dreams into actionable plans. KSV provides a range of resources to help entrepreneurs expand their businesses and scale with ease. 

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Aspiring entrepreneurs often carry seeds of ideas in their minds for a long time. These thoughts can be intense and have the potential to grow into dreams. To support and nourish these ideas, KSV offers a community of like-minded individuals who are big dreamers and experienced startup founders, ready to guide and mentor you along your entrepreneurial journey.


Surrounding your dreams are individuals who were once dreamers themselves and took action to achieve their goals. On this platform, you will find like-minded entrepreneurs who will inspire and motivate you to take action towards realizing your own dream. With their support and guidance, you will have the resources and encouragement to start executing your dream.


At KSV, we offer a range of resources to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses and scale with ease. Our Product, Design, and Go-to-Market (GTM) studios are specifically designed to provide valuable expertise and support in these critical areas. We help startups grow by brainstorming innovative features, optimizing user experience, or market research.

Why Choose Us

Kanavu Community


KSV stands out as a premier destination for entrepreneurs, housing some of the brightest minds in the startup industry, including serial entrepreneurs and accomplished businesspeople. Through its vibrant community and rich pool of resources, KSV provides an unparalleled platform for entrepreneurial success, fueling the growth and innovation of startups..


KSV's ready-made CXO opportunities provide startups with a unique advantage, increasing their chances of success and operational efficiency. By tapping into the expertise, experience, and networks of our CXOs, startups can fast-track their growth plans and navigate the challenges of the startup journey with confidence and effectiveness..


KSV goes beyond just funding and offers startups a comprehensive ecosystem of resources, including access to a diverse network of investors and strategic partnerships with Hourglass.Ventures USA. This ensures that startups at KSV have ample opportunities for funding, mentorship, and support on their entrepreneurial journey.


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With dedicated studios in Product, Design, and Go-to-Market (GTM), KSV offers valuable expertise and support in these critical areas. Whether it’s brainstorming innovative features, optimizing user experience, or conducting market research, KSV is there to help startups grow by providing the tools and knowledge necessary to thrive in the competitive business landscape.